Monday, April 11, 2011

Favorite tool, reborn

I really love a launcher called Quicksilver.  It is one of a class of applications whose job it is to help you launch and run other applications.  QS is a famous example on OS X, although there are plenty of others.  

It has been limping along, after having been abandoned by its original developer.  However, it seems to have found new support.  

You can get it at
You can find out more at

If you spend much time at all on a mac, you should really use this or something else like it.  You will abandon your mouse, and work much faster at the same time!

Important Info about your email!

A major third party manager of email accounts has been breached, which is likely to make you vulnerable to phishing attacks.  Here is an article that suggests things you can do to avoid such vulnerability in the future.  There is something delicious about jamming the spammers, isn't there?